List of Contests
Registration & Turnout
Nonpartisan Registration & Turnout
Democratic Registration & Turnout
Republican Registration & Turnout
American Independent Registration & Turnout
Green Registration & Turnout
Libertarian Registration & Turnout
Peace And Freedom Registration & Turnout
Democratic Nonpartisan Registration & Turnout
Republican Nonpartisan Registration & Turnout
DEM - Governor
DEM - Lieutenant Governor
DEM - Secretary of State
DEM - Controller
DEM - Treasurer
DEM - Attorney General
DEM - Insurance Commissioner
DEM - Mbr, Board of Equalization 3rd Dist.
DEM - US Representative 41st District
DEM - US Representative 44th District
DEM - US Representative 45th District
DEM - US Representative 49th District
DEM - State Senator 36th District
DEM - State Senator 40th District
DEM - State Assembly 63rd District
DEM - State Assembly 64th District
DEM - State Assembly 65th District
DEM - State Assembly 66th District
DEM - State Assembly 71st District
DEM - State Assembly 80th District
DEM - Co Central Comm 65th District
REP - Governor
REP - Lieutenant Governor
REP - Secretary of State
REP - Controller
REP - Treasurer
REP - Attorney General
REP - Insurance Commissioner
REP - Mbr, Board of Equalization 3rd Dist.
REP - US Representative 41st District
REP - US Representative 44th District
REP - US Representative 45th District
REP - US Representative 49th District
REP - State Senator 36th District
REP - State Senator 40th District
REP - State Assembly 63rd District
REP - State Assembly 64th District
REP - State Assembly 65th District
REP - State Assembly 66th District
REP - State Assembly 71st District
REP - State Assembly 80th District
REP - Co Central Comm 64th District
REP - Co Central Comm 66th District
AIP - Governor
AIP - Lieutenant Governor
AIP - Secretary of State
AIP - Controller
AIP - Treasurer
AIP - Attorney General
AIP - Insurance Commissioner
AIP - Mbr, Board of Equalization 3rd Dist.
AIP - US Representative 41st District
AIP - US Representative 44th District
AIP - US Representative 45th District
AIP - US Representative 49th District
AIP - State Senator 36th District
AIP - State Senator 40th District
AIP - State Assembly 63rd District
AIP - State Assembly 64th District
AIP - State Assembly 65th District
AIP - State Assembly 66th District
AIP - State Assembly 71st District
AIP - State Assembly 80th District
GRN - Governor
GRN - Lieutenant Governor
GRN - Secretary of State
GRN - Controller
GRN - Treasurer
GRN - Attorney General
GRN - Insurance Commissioner
GRN - Mbr, Board of Equalization 3rd Dist.
GRN - US Representative 41st District
GRN - US Representative 44th District
GRN - US Representative 45th District
GRN - US Representative 49th District
GRN - State Senator 36th District
GRN - State Senator 40th District
GRN - State Assembly 63rd District
GRN - State Assembly 64th District
GRN - State Assembly 65th District
GRN - State Assembly 66th District
GRN - State Assembly 71st District
GRN - State Assembly 80th District
LIB - Governor
LIB - Lieutenant Governor
LIB - Secretary of State
LIB - Controller
LIB - Treasurer
LIB - Attorney General
LIB - Insurance Commissioner
LIB - Mbr, Board of Equalization 3rd Dist.
LIB - US Representative 41st District
LIB - US Representative 44th District
LIB - US Representative 45th District
LIB - US Representative 49th District
LIB - State Senator 36th District
LIB - State Senator 40th District
LIB - State Assembly 63rd District
LIB - State Assembly 64th District
LIB - State Assembly 65th District
LIB - State Assembly 66th District
LIB - State Assembly 71st District
LIB - State Assembly 80th District
PF - Governor
PF - Lieutenant Governor
PF - Secretary of State
PF - Controller
PF - Treasurer
PF - Attorney General
PF - Insurance Commissioner
PF - Mbr, Board of Equalization 3rd Dist.
PF - US Representative 41st District
PF - US Representative 44th District
PF - US Representative 45th District
PF - US Representative 49th District
PF - State Senator 36th District
PF - State Senator 40th District
PF - State Assembly 63rd District
PF - State Assembly 64th District
PF - State Assembly 65th District
PF - State Assembly 66th District
PF - State Assembly 71st District
PF - State Assembly 80th District
State Senator 37th District
Superior Court Office No. 21
State Supt of Public Instruction
County Supt of Schools
County Supervisor 2nd Supervisorial
County Supervisor 4th Supervisorial
County Supervisor 5th Supervisorial
Assessor, County Clerk and Recorder
District Attorney
Sheriff,Coroner & Public Admin
Treasurer and Tax Collector
13 - Limits on Property Tax Assessment
14 - Primary Elections
15 - California Fair Elections Act
16 - Public Electricity Providers
17- History of Insurance Coverage
A - Proposed City of Eastvale
B - Eastvale Future City Council Elections
Member, City Council EASTVALE
G - Desert Hot Springs Public Safety Tax
H - Cathedral City Fiscal Emergency Tax
I - Coachella Utility Users Tax